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Testimonies at Divine Restoration Ministries

Life in Abundance

  30 Jul 2018

A lady testified that she had returned home with the heart’s motive to commit suicide; however she heard that there was a church service and she thought to herself that she would attend the evening service and take her life the next day. However the next day the church service continued and she attended, and still had not yet taken her own life. She continued attending the revival services until she received a mighty breakthrough - she exclaimed that she had received a new life!

A lady came afterward and confirmed that the young lady’s mother called her and said that she was very worried about her daughter, as her behavior was out of the ordinary. The mother said that she was going to take her daughter to see a professional. The mother’s friend told her of the revival, and suggested that she bring her daughter. And this is where this precious young lady received her healing! Hallelujah to the King of kings, who mends the broken hearted and gives life in abundance!

Heart Healed

  30 Jul 2018

A lady was ecstatic as she testified that during the revival services, the Holy Spirit instructed her to run. However, she was shy, and after multiple promptings that she did not respond to, Prophet Elisée said that those who felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to run should do so. After this, her heart that had been problematic, was healed.