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Prison Ministry

Divine Restoration Ministries

About this Ministry

The vision of the Prison Ministry is to witness the lives of inmates being transformed through both studying the Word of God and supernatural encounters with the Holy Spirit. Our heart is to assist inmates with the restoration process that must take place before they are released once again into society.

Our mission is to share the unconditional love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, as to impact the hearts of those in prison. As well as teaching them how to become productive and successful citizens in their communities after having been released from prison.

During our visits to various prisons in the Free State and Northern Cape provinces, our main focus is to preach the Gospel in a manner which is both exciting and easy to understand, to those who have lost hope.

We work with inmates as young as 15 years of age, up to 80 years on a daily basis. Programs such as basic discipleship, self-image and anger control are presented; where issues such as unforgiveness, family relationships, etc. are dealt with.

Recently, we have started a program for gang leaders; as this is commonly the last group of people that spiritual workers and counsellors tend to, due to their reputation of being hard of heart and unwilling to change. However, God has supernaturally opened a door for us to bring both salvation and restoration to their lives through Jesus Christ!

We receive countless testimonies from inmates whose lives have been transformed through this ministry! We are in awe as we see the graced of God on a weekly basis, as He kneels with those who have stumbled.

"Remember those in prison as if you were there yourself." Hebrews 13:3