Prophetic Word for 2019

Prophet Elisee Yao and Pastor Sarah Yao / 31 Dec 2018

2019 will be the year of HIGH FAVOUR, GREATER WORKS and HARVEST. The preceding year was the year of OPEN HEAVEN, but the Lord says this will continue in 2019. Because of the open heaven, we will have high favour, do greater works for Him, and experience harvest.

Those who walk in holiness and tremble at the Lord’s Word will be highly favoured. Those who sanctify themselves will be promoted but those who compromise shall be put to shame in 2019.

The Word of God will be a defining factor in this year so the Lord says, “remind Me of My promises, and as you remind Me of what I told you, I will bring it to pass”. Do not focus on the wrong things this year, like Elisha’s servant who saw the vast army (2 Kings 6:15-17). When your eyes are not open in the Spirit, you focus on the problems and the things that you don’t have but don’t realise that there is actually an army of angels all around you. When you focus on the right thing, fear will leave you. In 2019, focus on the Word and not the news that everyone around you is giving you.

An attitude of thanksgiving and praise will cause you to be successful in 2019. Let thanksgiving, praise, and worship become a lifestyle this year. The Lord did not promise a problem-free life, but He is telling you to focus on praising Him regardless of your circumstances. He does not want us to murmur in 2019 because those who murmur will be given over to the devil. The Israelites in the wilderness were punished for their murmuring. The Lord wants the murmuring to stop and for us to rather praise Him even for the small victories in our lives.

The Lord sees those who have laboured in the secret place with Him; those who have walked with integrity will be brought to the forefront.

Small churches that preach the true gospel will experience exponential growth in 2019. They will suddenly grow because they have walked with integrity for so many years. This year will be the year of their reward.

We need to pray for South Africa in 2019. Politicians were seen killed. We need to pray for the parliament of South Africa as strange laws will be tabled so pray for Godly people to come into parliament. There is a small party that is going to do well in parliament this year; God is going to raise up more MPs.

2019 will bring strange weather patterns and His people need to pray for mercy. Some places in the world will be in desolation because of these weather patterns. Some of these weather disruptions are going to happen because Satan wants to destroy, so we must rise up and rebuke him.

Sometimes the Lord will even require us to stand in the gap for a nation and demand what is happening with them to stop, and it will stop.

There will be a sudden rising up of women in every level of society, even ministry. Women are going to take places of high rank in countries; in positions that we didn’t think would be possible.

2019 will know the beginning of a great revival.

2019 is your year

2019 is the year of the fulfilment of your dreams.

Blessing over the congregation for 2019
(by Prophet Elisee and Pastor Sarah Yao)

When you seek the Lord, you will find Him, when you ask, you will receive, as you seek, you will find, and when you knock, the door will be opened. You will seek first the kingdom and His righteous and then all things will be added to you. You will have eyes for Jesus; you will have eyes to see, and ears to hear the things of God. You will have supernatural, Godly wisdom to understand the spiritual things of God, so that you do not walk by the flesh. So that you do not walk by sight, but by the Spirit of the living God.

Wherever you go in 2019, you will be celebrated. The gates of heaven are open over your life.

This is your year of visitation and vindication. The Lord God has prepared a place for you and you will not be abandoned anymore, but you will be found. 2019 will be the year of the greatest harvest in your life. This is your year of visitation (repeated x3). The Lord will appear to you and He will manifest Himself to you. The Lord will be good to you in this year.

This is the year where the soil will be worked upon. The rocks will be removed so that the new seed of 2019 will fall on good ground. The rocks will be removed and the crooked places will be levelled, the weeds and the thorns will be removed, and the seed of the Lord that comes to you in 2019 will fall on good ground.

This is the year of divine suddenlies and divine surprises. The Lord will surprise you! Suddenly, the door will be opened; suddenly you will be positioned. Be blessed with peace in your home and good times in 2019. Be blessed with prosperity in your studies and your businesses. 2019 will be the end of your suffering, for the Lord shall cause His face to shine upon you.

Many among us will see in the Spirit this year and will, therefore, speak a different language. You will not speak as the world speaks because you will see what happens in heaven, see what the Lord is doing, and will speak accordingly. In 2019 you will speak a kingdom language: you will profess the things of God, and as you declare them, they will come to pass.

The Lord says that your children will serve Him this year.

In 2019, you will grow into the things that you do with divine revelation. Your ears will be opened so you can hear the whisper of the Lord, and your eyes will be opened so that you can see the vindication of the Lord.

2019 is the year of answered prayers. The Lord says that whatever you have been trusting and praying for: this is the year! This is the year of the answer. The Lord says, “I will answer you and show you things that you did not know before.

There are ministers in our midst and the Lord is saying: “your reward is here!” The time of labour is over, the Lord will position you. He will move you from a place of struggle, to a place of blessing and destiny. He will remove any dead weight or wood, and place fresh wood before you. The Lord will answer your prayers.

There will also be many angelic manifestations. Some will actually see angels, not in visions or dreams, but angels will manifest physically before people. You will have angelic encounters so keep watch, because the Lord wants us to walk in the supernatural now more than ever before.

Some have said, “Lord, I want to pray more. Lord, I want to seek you more!” And the Lord answers saying, “I will empower you to do what you have asked.  Your time has come!”

Some have said that they desire prophecy: to be able to hear and speak. The Lord says, “the Spirit of prophecy is released right now!” You will be able to hear and speak the Word of the Lord. You will be able to go to places people don’t want to go and miracles will follow you. The Lord says that your work is going to multiply (repeated x3).

Many of God’s people have longed to go overseas. The Lord is opening the airports to you so that you can go and do what He has told you to do. South Africa is too small to contain you; you will break forth. He is going to connect you outside of this nation, and He is going to establish you and confirm your ministry.

The things that the Lord promised you long ago, but you have not yet seen the fullness of, the Lord will bring to pass.


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