Divine Restoration Ministries is hosting the Africa Convergence Conference on 9, 10 & 11 November 2018.

It will be held on premises next to Avalon in Bainsvlei. Sunday service will be at Divine Revival Centre.

Last year we heard how Africa as continent is to play a Prophetic role in the last days. This year it is all about the time for Africa’s Transformation for her prophetic role.

Guest speakers from South Africa, Angus Buchan and Prophet Elisée Yao will minister, and speakers from the USA, Dr Robert Mawire and Ps Ray Bentley, who both have a passion for Africa, as a continent and South Africa, will be here.

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We are excited to worship with Joe Niemand, who will be traveling with Angus Buchan, as well as with the Divine Restoration Ministries worship team.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Angus Buchan
Dr Robert Mawire
Ps Ray Bentley
Pr Elisée & Ps Sarah Yao